“I saw screaming children crying to their parents as they begged for donuts.”

March 4th! As my friend Michael Neill Stanton used to say, The only day of the year that is a command. (“May One?” is the only day that is a question, per MNS also.)

March 4 is also, Wikipedia tells us, National Grammar Day.

In celebration of both, I invite you today to march forth and offer some responses to this wonderful grammar error, Faulty Pronoun Reference. You know what my student meant, but obviously that’s not quite what he said. Please join me in savoring this noisy sentence by leaving a Comment!

Meanwhile, you can follow this link to a blog I follow; there you will find the history of donuts/doughnuts, the original of this yummy picture, and a recipe. They may make you beg!


Tori Avey’s blog on history and food provides this pile of donuts for you to beg for!


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6 responses to ““I saw screaming children crying to their parents as they begged for donuts.”

  • philosophermouseofthehedge

    Food for thought: error, National Grammar Day, and donuts. (Pink icing. Pink with sprinkles! Oh, the whines of times and memories. Thanks for the delicious treats.)

  • Mary Jane Schaefer

    Are doughnuts good for birds? Our neighborhood birds are voracious, as you can imagine. I thought I had some stale bread for them. (Is bread good for birds? Probably better than starving.) But I didn’t. I did have stale cinnamon doughnuts. Out they went, the birds arrived, and now
    both birds and doughnuts are gone. The doughnuts weren’t pink or frosted.
    I don’t think the birds minded, but we’ll never know.

    • RAB

      Well, really what the birds need is fat and protein in this weather. Doughnuts have SOME fat, so that’s great. I’ll bet they were grateful for the sugar as well. Our blue jays are fond of stale taco chips. NOBODY wants popcorn, which astounded me, since squirrels go into ecstasy over fresh and dried corn and even compressed cornmeal. As for bread, it’s made from grain, and they do like grain. Not the best meal, but not bad for a hungry bird. But if you’re in doubt about giving birds doughnuts, you can always send your leftover doughnuts to me. I will gobble them up.

  • KokkieH

    If I had children who were both screaming and crying I’d probably be begging…for release, though; not doughnuts 😉

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