The Author

I currently teach in the English department of Central Connecticut State University (having taught at 7 universities over a long and chequered career), and also give classes with Lifelong Learners, Fairfield Senior Center. I serve as Editor of  VANGUARD (award-winning print/electronic newsletter of the Connecticut Conference, American Association of University Professors) and of THE PROMPTER (electronic newsletter of the Westport Community Theatre). I am a member of the Board of Directors at both Town Players of Newtown and Westport Community Theatre. I am also co-founder and Artistic Director of Bare Bones Theater at the Pequot Library, a staged-readings series, and long-time Coordinator of Sale Volunteers for the Pequot Library Used-Book Sale. A playwright, I have written and had produced “Miss Tempy’s Watchers” (adaptation of Sarah Orne Jewett story) and The Revenge Tragedy: A Comedy (full-length satire on higher education, in the form of a Jacobean revenge play). I have worked as a free-lance copy editor, including for St Martins Press and Prentice-Hall.

About the Pequot Book Sale, 1993. Video by Alexander Kulcsar:

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