In Print

This page is dedicated to the same kinds of lapses and horrors my students fall into…but here, the examples appeared in print, were written by someone paid to write, and either NOT copy-edited, or copy-edited by someone not doing his or her job.

Since nothing in my blog is meant to hold any individual up to ridicule, I will not post the source citations (you’ll have to trust me); if you want to track them down, Google will probably find them for you.

Until I find a way to link new posts to THIS page, I will just add them as they arrive, either via publications I receive or from friends who find them in the course of their reading. Please add your own “finds” via comments to this page!

• • • The first one was sent me by a friend, and I include her comment:

news blank copy

The next comes from a recent press release:

news re SHU

And now, a pitcher who can operate on ANY kind of ball field, including those under water:

One response to “In Print

  • Matt

    My friend emailed me to grab some keys left for me on my porch tomorrow, and I responded that yes, I would look for them tonight, and then he reminded me it was really tomorrow. I said “that’s what I meant” but really — the cold truth is — I just didn’t read the email carefully.

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