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“I saw screaming children crying to their parents as they begged for donuts.”

March 4th! As my friend Michael Neill Stanton used to say, The only day of the year that is a command. (“May One?” is the only day that is a question, per MNS also.)

March 4 is also, Wikipedia tells us, National Grammar Day.

In celebration of both, I invite you today to march forth and offer some responses to this wonderful grammar error, Faulty Pronoun Reference. You know what my student meant, but obviously that’s not quite what he said. Please join me in savoring this noisy sentence by leaving a Comment!

Meanwhile, you can follow this link to a blog I follow; there you will find the history of donuts/doughnuts, the original of this yummy picture, and a recipe. They may make you beg!


Tori Avey’s blog on history and food provides this pile of donuts for you to beg for!