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Forgive me for waxing political, but I had to share this!

A brilliant collection of Shakespearean quotations for tonight’s debates! “Hell is empty; all the devils are here.” Posted by the Folger Shakespeare Library, from Timothy McSweeney’s blog, a post by Emily Uecker


A good read for a snowy day…

Here’s a wonderful essay to read on what is here yet another snowy day. It’s from the 23 February 2015 New Yorker: “Holy Writ,” by Mary Norris, Copy Editor at the magazine.

Norris may be my new goddess. I agree with her on everything—except the claim that the comma is a pause. I think it’s a vocal dip usually without an actual pause. Using that definition, I concur on every comma choice she describes even though she makes those choices for reasons of a different nature. The test of my ear concurs with the test of her principles and reinforces her preference for the “Oxford comma.”

Well, anyway, it’s lovely, and exquisitely punctuated. Please follow this link and have yourself a great time!


“Hooker Moms Plan Orphan Benefit.”

This was a local newspaper story whose headline astounded me back when I was a new-prof-in-town.

Today I’m reblogging a post I know you’ll love, from the Academe blog, on the subject of headlines. If you want to know the Hooker story, continue to the second Comment on the post!


And here’s Thomas Hooker:

Thomas Hooker Founding Us. He seems a charitable sort of Puritan, but I don't know how he'd feel about hooker moms.... Source:

Thomas Hooker Founding Us. He seems a charitable sort of Puritan, but I don’t know how he’d feel about hooker moms….