Have a nice weekend…

No new youknewwhatimeant posts for the weekend. I’m tied up here:

Pequot Library Book Sale. Also see our historic video. You will LOVE it.

If you’re within reach of Connecticut, it’s worth a trip!

Back with my Horrors on Monday or Tuesday.

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4 responses to “Have a nice weekend…

  • yearstricken

    How I wish I could come to the book sale. The video cheered my heart – seeing all those people come with boxes and bags to buy books. Even though some are book dealers, I know the books will be read by someone. The end was hard to watch – the books landing in the back of the dump truck. I am a sentimental old fool; it made me sad.

    • RAB

      I’m so glad you watched it! Yes, the dump truck used to make me sad too, although when you’ve seen ten copies of “Too Late the Phalarope” go for money into people’s hands (and wonder every time!), that eleventh copy lying in the dump truck doesn’t seem so tragic. (Not that I have anything against Alan Paton, whose “Cry, the Beloved Country” changed my life in a lot of ways, but…) Nowadays a smallish truck comes from a recycling center and picks up the leftovers, which means the same thing for the texts but not for the trees. The librarian used to say, “At least they’ve had their chance at one more reader.”
      On Free Day (which is now $5-a-bag day) we have not only readers but also decorators (“My client needs RED BOOKS!” and, alas, “My clients just moved into a stately home with built-in bookcases and have nothing to put on them!”), theater set people, and a lot of charitable folks who send books to impoverished library-poor areas in this and other countries or pick up best-sellers to give to hospitals, convalescent homes, the V.A., and senior centers. Even though it’s not a big-money day for the library, it’s my favorite day.

    • RAB

      Today (half-price day) I worked as a cashier near the children’s books, THE most photogenic spot in the sale. Nothing quite so adorable as a little kid sitting in a stroller “reading” a book. Start ’em young.

  • philosophermouseofthehedge

    Library book sales – adventures await between every cover and the library wins,too!….and that last day – so great.
    Don’t you want to just give the book to the kid if they show any interest in it?….sounds like my garage sales in the past…sucker for kids who pick up books and for parents trying to get books for their kids.

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