“In early Christian times…”

This is perhaps the ultimate “history,” or “back then,” statement. It leaves me speechless every time I read it. Certain current political figures might not be surprised by the fusion of religion and sex. Our sex-obsessed media would do well to note the attitude then about jobs and gossip.

“In early Christian times, sex, as we see it today, wasn’t always like this. The people  back then knew that it was their job to multiply but there wasn’t much to talk about. This was the life of Jesus.”

See? Speechless.

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2 responses to ““In early Christian times…”

  • Philip Schaefer

    Ah, an unfurnished mind.
    I remember, in the days of Woodstock, just to place the time-frame, there was a news item about a young woman who had jumped to the stage, at a Great Poets convocation, and these were the great poets of the time, like Alan Ginsburg (pardon my spelling). And she had wrenched , with urgency, a microphone out of the hand of one of the poets, only to say, “Oh, God, why can’t I find the words, why can’t I say, you know, my thing? My shit?”

  • RAB

    She seems to be answering her own, you know, question….

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