“College campuses will be promoting safe sex if they administer condoms to the student body.”

“…if they make condoms available…” must be what he meant.

But oh, the picture!

Since a “campus” can’t actually do anything, and the “student body” can’t be the recipient of the action as a single entity, we do have to individualize these roles.

Some questions then arise:

The “campus” in this case must be represented by a shall-we-say functionary, and the verb “administer” in the student’s sentence suggests that an administrative office would be responsible for getting this job done. Which? And therefore, which administraTOR would do the administering? Would the job be considered a chore or a perk?

Would everyone in the student body have condoms administered to him or her, or just the males?

Where? When? En masse, or by individual appointment?

Go ahead, let your imagination (naughty or otherwise) wander the campus of your choice….

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