“Their lips embrace in a passionate kiss.”

Up early to use the electricity while it lasts, I am drawn to expressions of passion as Irene rages around outside, and this one is probably my favorite.

There are verbs that would make this sentence more correct, but none that would make it more wondrous to imagine. Lovers in movies could learn something here: a little less of the chin-eating, a lot more of the embracing lips, please!

Here’s another scene I’d like to see, adoration carried to the extreme: “Men should be at the females’ feet, and kiss them until they melt.” Any clarification of those pronouns would ruin the sentence. I don’t care who or what is melting: this is passion.

And I don’t know if these scenes are the result of true love, or just exposure to too many “pornogrophic pictures.”

And I don’t care.

I know what these writers meant, but I far prefer what they wrote.

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